Italian Prisoner of war Camps in Kenya

British Prisoner of War Camps in Kenya during World War II

Part of Lists of Prisoner-of-War Camps section in the Prisoner-of-war camp article.

The following list is an attempt to create the most complete list of British POW Camps in World War II.


Camp Number Camp Name
351 Nairobi
352 Naivasha
353 Gilgil
354 Nanyuki
356 Eldoret
357 Mitubiri
358 Makindu
359 Burguret
360 Ndarugu
361 Athi River
365 Londiani
366 Jinga, Uganda


Famous Italians from Prisoner of War Camp in Kenya

No_Picnic_on_Mount_Kenya_-_cover_50Detained at P.O.W. Camp 354 near NanyukiKenya, Felice Benuzzi fromTrieste, together with two fellow-prisoners Dr. Giovanni (‘Giuàn’) Balletto from Genova and Vincenzo (‘Enzo’) Barsotti from Lido di Camaiore, escaped in January 1943 and climbed Mt Kenya with improvised equipment and meagre rations, two of them reaching a point above the Petit Gendarme, at about 5000 metres,[6] high up the NW ridge. After an eventful 18-day period on the mountain (24 January-10 February), and to the astonishment of the British camp commandant, the three adventurers broke back into Camp 354. As reward for their exploit, they each received 28 days in solitary confinement, commuted to 7 days by the camp commandant in acknowledgement of their “sporting effort”. ( Source Wikipedia)

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  1. my father was prisoned in camp 353 Gilgil, I would like to learn more.

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